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It was Summer Time in Dixieland
Words by Harry S. Marion
Music by Edwin F. Kendall
New York: Theatrical Music Supply, c1904

Nightingales were singing love songs down in Dixieland,
When I shisper'd soft and low that story old,
To a little Southern lassie who had grown to understand
That I loved her, loved her with a love untold;
Ev'ning bells were sweetly ringing o'er 
   the cotton fields of white,
As the summer sun was sinking in the sky,
And it seemed the moon was rising with a softer light; 
When it saw us in the gloaming Rose and I.

In dear Dixieland my home land, when it's summertime,
To the parish church my Rose and I will go,
And our hearts will beat in measure to the 
    welcome joy bells' chime,
As we clasp our hands, our eyes with love aglow;
There's a cottage clad with ivy where at eve we're often seen,
And I told her that I'd like to taker her there some day,
And I mean to keep my promise to my wife, my queen;
There in happiness I'll live with her alway.

It was summer-time in Dixie, when she whispered 
    soft and low
That she loved me and I'd won her heart and hand,
When I kissed the fairest flow'r ever grown in 
    southern bow'r,
It was summer-time in Dix, Dixie land.

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