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Vacuum Aspiration Abortion.

Brooklyn, NY: Health Organizing Collective of Women's Health & Abortion Project, [1973].

Note: This pamphlet is heavily illustrated with charts and diagrams and therefore is available only as scanned images. The text has not been transcribed but is legible from the scans.

Images from this item:

Page 1 includes a diagram of women's reproductive system and a chart outlining the common methods of abortion.

Page 2 covers knowing you're pregnant & where to go; also defines menstrual extraction and vacuum aspiration abortion methods.

Page 3 discusses before the abortion procedure, getting couseling, and routine tests.

Page 4 describes the abortion procedure with illustrations of medical instruments used.

Page 5 continues a description of the procedure and outlines possible complications.

Page 6 continues possible complications and describes aftercare.

Page 7 discusses social and politcal issues to be considered in relation to the medical aspects.

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