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DAR II (Dyke for the Second American Revolution)

Minutes from March 9, 1975
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'oregano' [written in margin]   March 9    Attended Peach, Phan, Donna, Margo, Sally, Arlene, Martha, Lorraine, Sarah, Linda.

1. Agenda

  1. letter from Bayer
  2. Lesbian-Feminism
  3. Bayou Landing -- Juanita Price
  4. Int. women's day   Demo & Rally

Sandy's letter -- enclosed in minutes book.

2. Juanita Price has no further info

Reports from 3 group members = unable to reach the individual women

court date not set yet, al Horn recommend we call Legal Aid Kay Sweeney who may be handlilng case.  ENCOURAMENT [sic] to reach these WOMEN.

Lesbian Mothers Case Sally to check on more info re: this case.

4. Demo & Rally on International Womens Day by local CLUW   And also the National CLUW and the heated disruption

Sally -- looks like SWP & O> are taking on leadership when a struggle is going on.

Lorraine -- these groups never work out or identify their major differences, we should always be aware of our differences when relating to other groups.  Supposedly these two are supposedly in the same place politically -- towards similar goals  we shouldn't be involved if it is a matter of choosing sides.

Margo -- National -- CLUW  

  1. Racism isnt an issue
  2. all members must be card carrying members

 Peachy -- we had a previous discussion on pussorting issues groups rather than opportunist groups

Lorraine -- do we want to have our own political line or How do we Relate to these left groups

Martha -- we should do things on our own

Sally -- support issues -- ie marches but stay away from the infighting

Martha -- not get involved in sectarian (a political orga pushing their line or building their org. rather than dealing with issue)

Joann Little is coming to Atlanta -- Family of Woman is involved Marth will check it out and express our interest.

Do we want to develop our politics/purpose more

Lorraine -- not at this time

Sally -- Lets not pressure ourselves

Peach -- we need definition of DARII lets not debate with other groups.  ALFA may need a definition due to questioning

Sally -- we enjoyed doing the program for Int. Women's Day event.  stressed the original meaning of the day and how it involved Lesbians.

Margo -- Black women and Feminism.  Black women manifesto -- demanded complimentary recognition as equals from men.  they saw particular oppression of black women.  they are seeking family security, looking to forge new relationships between men and women.

Maxine Williams   Myth of Black Matriarchy from Marahan[?] under LBJ

Many women havent develop [sic] consciousness   womens Lib was white middle class supports separate woman's [?] movement.


white women's movement lacked anit racist & anti imperialist politics.  that it was anti male, middle class, white women still have privelege [sic] Black women involvement doesnt [sic] furthet Black liberation.   White women suppressed Black women oppressed.  Good pt it freed men & women Roles a good change affecting black liberation movement.  a major contribution is realizing the history of matriarchy. third world women see themselves as alongside their men.

Lorraine -- Family woman article 3/8/75 BIRD similar to above.  To work alongside men, to deal with sexism.  concerned with health & money matters.  Emphasizes even differences between poor whites and black.  Women's movement is elitist   COMMENT: have only a narrow image of Women's movement.

* What about 3rd World Lesbians?  Lesbians not mentioned.  Queer/Faggot is a real derogatory fear among Black women.  Some group members said white workers were more sensitive.  Arlene said many questions about lesbians were never verbalized until she gave them the opportunity.

Lorraine -- what effect is there on straight women to learn or talk to us/  Maybe non feminists are less uptight then [sic] the feminists. 

Margo -- the fight against matriarchy myth is a source of teh feminists (black) fear of Lesbianism or dyke baiting.

Atlanta Black lesbian community has heavy roles -- stud, fem hostility towars women that see white women.  Sessies -- bisexuals, or those not stud, fem.

Barbara W. says many are bisexuals, also prostitutes, werent many who were clearly lesbians.

There are black gay bars in Atlanta

Next --

  1. Relations Black women
  2. school -- womens studies course
  3. info from Sandy on prison project

Sun Mar 23 at Marmalade Manor 7:30

criticism/ self criticism

  1. should have good reasons for missing meeting  ie Linda for last mtg and Mick-Jane tonight  suggest prior notification   Lorraine wanted to convey her criticism personally
  2. this is a low energy meeting  many activities are taking our energy   the benefits of mtg tonight were real good, no heavy decisions or political content which consensus was this was a satisfactory meeting.

Phan ideas    workshop at conference by DARII on L/F

Announcement   Problems with publicity for Red Dyke Theater.

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