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DAR II (Dyke for the Second American Revolution)

Minutes from November 24, 1974
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Dar II -- 11/24/74 -- 2nd MEETING

PRESENT -- Mickey, Martha, Marcia, Carolyn Bell, Sarah, Peachy, Lorraine, Sally, Jeanna, (NOT SURE WHO ELSE) Virginia, Barbara.

Short summary of the last meeting.  

Things that Opress us as Women:

Education -- sexism throughout this institution and other inst.  These inst. also maintain the class structure in this society, racism + sexism.

Martha -- sees her job as oppressive -- no say-so pressure to get to work etc.

Peachy -- no man or family to support me -- have to financially support myself.  See this as reality.  Every day -- why do folks have to work in the first place.  I work to get $ to eat, pay bills.  Who benefits from my labor?  Not me.

N. -- The male left -- doesn't want queers, no women except in low positions.

Lorraine -- are we a political, oppressed group/or just lesbians (are these disconnected)

Questions raised:

Suggestions for future:

Agenda for next week:

  1. talk about actions we can focus on (if we decide to focus on action.)


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