Duke Magazine Retro: Drama with "The Dukes"

A performance of "The Dukes," 1964The extraordinary lives of the Duke family have inspired many endeavors— often artistic, occasionally fictional. Some efforts, like the television dramas about Doris Duke’s life, take great liberties in their effort to dramatize personal lives and can be unflattering or simply untrue.

In 1964, however, a play was written intending to honor the Dukes— specifically to honor James and Benjamin Duke’s partnership with president William Preston Few and the subsequent creation of The Duke Endowment and founding of Duke University.

One copy of the script can be found in the University Archives’ Few Family Papers, part of a recent accession of materials belonging to Few’s widow, Mary Reamey Thomas Few, who advised Roberts as he developed and produced the play.

Read more in the Fall 2016 Duke Magazine.

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