Mission Statement

The Duke University Archives identifies and preserves administrative, legal, fiscal and historical records that have enduring value for the Duke community and makes those records available in accordance with policies approved by the university's Board of Trustees, administration and faculty. The University Archives’ gathering of web content via Archive-It is an extension of the overall mission.

Collection Subject, Theme or Event

Much of the material documenting university activity is made available online by university offices and includes items that previously had been transferred to the Archives as printed material. The content may also include new forms of media not previously available in a print format — such as blogs, social media, audio files and video files. In addition to the web content from university administrative offices and academic departments, the University Archives also collects content about or related to Duke University, if we determine that it has significant, permanent research value.


The University Archivist is primarily responsible for collection content and welcomes your suggestions for inclusions. The Digital Records Archivist is responsible for managing the technical aspects — including harvesting, storage, preservation and access.