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Crazy Smart Adopt a Book

“Old age isn’t for sissies,” Bette Davis once said.

She wasn’t talking about antiquarian books, but she could have been. Many of the oldest, most significant works of history and literature require careful conservation treatments in order to stand the test of time.

That’s why we recently launched a new Adopt-a-Book Program. Library materials are put up for “adoption” based on their value, risk, and use, and donations to the program ensure that they are carefully preserved and maintained.

The Adopt-a-Book Program is a great way to honor someone special or commemorate an important event, such as a birthday or graduation. An electronic bookplate with the name of the donor or honoree is added to the item’s catalog record, and they are also listed on the library website as a contributor. Gifts to the program help keep library materials available for current and future faculty, scholars, and students.

To see a sampling of adoptable (and adopted) titles, visit our Adopt-a-Book Program website.

To support this and other innovative initiatives at Duke University Libraries, make a gift today.

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