There are a number of ways you can give to Duke University Libraries:

Give online

Make your gift quickly and easily through our secure system.

Write a check

Make your check payable to “Duke University” with a note in the memo section or send an accompanying cover letter specifying your desire to support the Duke University Libraries.  If your check is a pledge payment, please indicate that as well. Please do not send or deliver currency.

Schedule a monthly gift

Schedule monthly electronic bank drafts to the Duke University Libraries. On approximately the same day each month, Duke will automatically debit your bank account in the amount you designate.  You may change or cancel your authorization at any time.

Transfer Securities

Contact our office or read follow transfer instructions.

Give Tangible Personal Property

When you give tangible personal property related to the “charitable purpose” of the Libraries, it may be eligible for a deduction of your asset's full market value.  Some gifts may require appraisal or advance approval in order to be accepted.  Please contact the Libraries' Development Office before making the gift to learn about its suitability and the required appraisal procedures.

Give via an IRA Rollover

Give a tax-free gift with your IRA Rollover. A charitable IRA Rollover allows donors age 70½ or older to make annual, tax-free gifts of up to $100,000 to Duke or other qualified charities from their individual retirement accounts. Such charitable IRA rollover gifts may also count toward a donor's required minimum distribution for the year.  Find out about this and other planned giving options.

Participate in Matching Gifts Programs

Some employers will match the gifts their employees and their spouses, board members and retirees make to the Libraries.  Matching Gift programs and forms are typically available in the human resources offices of companies.  Please let us know if you want us to check your company's program on your behalf.