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Babette's Feast

This film starts slowly and subtly, going into the history of religion and romance of one family. Things change when Babette arrives. Read Full Review »


The colors of this film are sumptuous, there's a carnivorous metaphor (just like in all the major religious rituals), a princess locked in a tower by a mean king, a man who has run away from the carnival, and a femme fatale who's always on the verge of suicide...all living in the same apartment building. Read Full Review »

The Big Easy

Remy McSwain is from a police family, but really it could be any family business. He knows there are little dishonest things any enterprise does to make its overall honest mission succeed. He's not a crook, not a monster. Read Full Review »

The Scent of Green Papaya

This beautifully filmed story is about a little girl who apprentices as a cook with a wealthy family in a city in Vietnam. In some ways the film is a commentary on wealth and privilege. Read Full Review »

This Gun for Hire

A classic early noir, adapted from a novel by Graham Greene, and featuring the first sizzling screen pairing of Alan Ladd and Veronica Lake. Double-crosses, betrayals, tension and drama accumulate as professional killer Raven (Ladd) takes the action from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Read Full Review »


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