FY 2016 Acquisitions Calendar/Deadlines



Please note that due to OLE implementation this year’s ordering calendar is abbreviated, and selectors should plan accordingly. If an exception or other accommodation is needed to any of the ordering deadlines, please be in touch with Teddy, Jeff and the appropriate section/department head as soon as possible.





Sunday, July 26                      Allocation of non-endowment budgets in Aleph complete.


Monday, July 27                     Selectors may start placing orders to be paid against FY 2016 funds.  Selectors should check to confirm that allocated amounts and direct any allocation questions to the appropriate section/department head. In the case of general/interdisciplinary funds, direct questions to Jeff.


Friday, August 7                     Remaining FY16 allocations complete.


Tuesday, December 15           Selectors should have submitted orders sufficient to expend at least 50% of their non-endowment firm order funds by this date. If exceptions are needed, please let Teddy, Jeff and the appropriate section/department head know before this date.





Tuesday, March 1                   LAST DAY TO PLACE E-RESOURCE ORDERS, with the exception of e-books ordered through Gobi. Please make sure that trials and technical issues are resolved by this date.


Friday, April 1                        LAST DAY TO PLACE ROUTINE ORDERS REGARDLESS OF FUNDING SOURCE OR MATERIAL TYPE. We will be able to accommodate a limited number exceptional/emergency needs after this date. Please make Teddy aware of any exceptional and urgent needs after this date ASAP.


Friday, April 15                      All unspent/unencumbered university appropriated monies will be reallocated to central funds on this date to allow Acquisitions and CSD to expend any remaining funds.