This page includes online documents used by CatS and by copy catalogers and is created and maintained by the Monographic Cataloging Documentation Group, whose members are the following:

  • Holly Chang
  • Miree Ku
  • Cathy Leonardi
  • Lesley Looper
  • Nanako Thomas
  • Amy Turner, chair

Most used documents

Find links to our most used documents below. Some documents are in specialized sections on SharePoint, such as the CatS and Shelf Preparation sites . 
Call numbers  (Includes classification policy, accepting and creating LC classification numbers, 852 indicators, formatting the 852 field and the "description" in the item record, appearance of call number labels, common patterns of LC numbers, dates in LC call numbers, correction of duplicate call numbers)

Copy cataloging (Note that examples link to SharePoint)

Editions, printings & duplicates

Electronic gift plates

Multiple physical pieces (Includes materials in pockets, added copies, added locations, sets for ERSM and CatS.  See also copy cataloging documentation on sets

NACO at Duke

Past practices  (A few reminders of what we don't do any more)


Searching Aleph and OCLC


Workflow (Includes statistics, macros, barcoding, item and holding record basics, overlay where to put what, rush and notify & post cataloging)