The Digital Collections Program provides access to Duke University Libraries collections through digitization and the development of innovative interfaces and applications for preservation, learning, and research at Duke and beyond.  The primary contributors to the program are the Digital Curation and Production Services Department, the Rubenstein Library, Conservation Services, and Cataloging and Metadata Services, however the program welcomes and encourages participation from all areas within Duke University Libraries. 

Explore Duke's portfolio of published digitized collections online at Duke Digital Collections.   

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Service Portfolio

The Digital Collections Program partners with members of the Duke University Library (DUL) to produce digitization and publication projects though several different workflows.  Proposed collections must be arranged and described before digitization can begin.    If you have a project in mind that doesn't match the descriptions below, please contact the Digital Collections Program Manager regardless. 

  • Digital Collections projects include digitization, some kind of metadata management, and are typically published on the Duke Digital collections website or through an archival collection guide. Digital collections are envisioned and proposed by someone within DUL who serves as the project's champion; champions may also provide resources in terms of funding, data and/or labor to help complete the project.  Implementation is completed by a cross-departmental team with the assistance and guidance of the champion.  Given the high level of resources required, Digital Collections projects require a proposal and approval from the Advisory Council for Digital Collections.  To learn more, review detailed project documentation on Sharepoint and contact the Digital Collections Program Manager. You can also review projects in progress here.
  • Preservation projects  require digitization only (no publication or metadata is included).  A staff member within DUL is required to act as a champion for the project, but a formal proposal is not required. Strict deadlines should not be a factor in these projects, as scheduling will be at the discretion of the Digital Production Center. Data produced from these projects can be preserved in the Duke Digital Repository. Additionally the champion can publish and/or provide access to these files if they have the resources to do so within their department.    
  • Small Digitization Requests:  please see the Digital Production Center webpage for more information about submitting small digitization requests for yourself or your patrons.  In general, these small requests are less then 5 items and do not require publication or any additional resources aside from high quality and/or specialized digitization equipment. 
  • "Other" is a category we know well as not all digitization and publication requests fit into the above.  Library and other Duke community members have partnered with the Digital Collections program for projects that are as small as the digitization of a single item or as large as a collection of thousands of items.  These non-standard digitization projects are often related to grants or incur fees for cost recovery.  Additionally, projects may result in special project websites or other custom interfaces.  If a project requrires a high level of resource input, special approval will be required.   If you think you have one of these projects, please contact the Digital Collections Program Manager to discuss details. 

Principal Digital Collections Implementors

The Digital Collections Implementation Team is a dynamic, cross-departmental group.  They work with project champions and the Advisory Council of Digital Collections to accomplish amazing feats of digitization, metadata creation, design and publication.  If you have questions about a current project, are looking to start a project, or have a general inquiry about the Digital Collections program, please contact Molly Bragg. We would love to work with you!

Mike Adamo, Digital Production Specialist, Still Image Capture

Sean Aery, Digital Projects Developer

Molly Bragg, Digital Collections Program Manager

Zeke Graves, Digital Production Specialist, Audio Reformatting

Erin Hammeke, Senior Conservator

Noah Huffman, Archivist for Metadata and Encoding

Alex Marsh, Digital Production Specialist, Video Reformatting

Marta Conde Rincon, Catalog Librarian for French and Italian Language Resources

More Information

Keep track of our current projects and activities by following the Bitstreams BlogFacebook and Twitter