The Digital Collections and Curation Services (DCCS) department creates, publishes, and preserves digital resources for use in scholarship, publications, personal research and other engaging academic and non-academic pursuits. Members of the department serve as a bridge between campus data providers and Duke University Libraries preservation systems, whether it be through digitization, data management or other preservation services. The department is engaged in strategic, cross-departmental projects and programs such as the Digital Collections Program, the Research Data Curation Program and other Library-related digital preservation activities.

Services and Areas of Expertise

Notable Accomplishments: FY2018

  • Provide access to over 140,000 digital Duke Library items online
  • Curate 20 data sets in support of Duke Scholars
  • Metadata support for over 16,000 scholarly publications (including electronic theses and dissertations)
  • Produce over 250,000 digital files through onsite and vendor-based digitization