The Digital Exhibits Working Group is charged with providing vision, consulting expertise, and hands-on support for a wide array of projects and initiatives related to gallery exhibits, web exhibits, data visualizations, digital collections, and digital signage. The Working Group serves as a forum for high-level coordination for the activities of a number of department-level coordinators, including the Exhibits Coordinator, the Visualization Coordinator, and the Digital Collections Program Manager. It also serves as a functional project team when projects require hands-on work. 

The Working Group is currently chaired by Will Sexton, Head of Digital Projects and Production Services.

Past and Current Projects

LINK Media Wall Exhibit

A team composed of members from the Working Group developed an exhibit for the LINK Media Wall in Lower Level 1 of the Perkins Library building. The exhibit, Gothic Wonderland (pictured right), chronicles the construction of the Duke campus, and features digitized historical materials drawn from University Archives.

As part of the development process, team members produced a document outlining best practices for Media Wall exhibits for library staff interested in creating their own exhibits. Team members also posted two articles on the Bitstreams blog related to the project:

Contact the Working Group chair if you are interested in creating LINK Media Wall exhibits from Library collections. 

Exhibit and Information Kiosks

The Working Group serves as a forum for discussion and exploration of content and policy for the touchscreen kiosks installed in spaces for exhibits, or in entrance areas. During the course of the Perkins Project, ongoing since 2003, the West Campus library buildings have undergone extensive construction and remodeling. Questions of how to deploy hardware into our spaces are complex, and the needs constantly evolving.

Working Group member Michael Daul wrote about the process of building a touchscreen to complement a gallery exhibit in his Bitstreams post, "Anatomy of an Exhibit Kiosk."

Exhibits Web Site

The Working Group is currently working with a team to re-envision and redevelop the Library's Exhibits site.