We're Moving!

The Digital Collections Program at Duke University Libraries has recently undertaken an effort to migrate materials, metadata, and application functionality to the Duke Digital Repository. While the team has been laying the groundwork for this project for over a year, the work will become more visible to the public during 2016.

The first major milestone occurred in October of 2015, with the publication of a new collection, the W. Duke & Sons Advertising Materials, 1880-1910. A post from the Bistreams blog that concided with that milestone provides some background on the migration effort: "Today is the New Future: The Tripod3 Project and our Next-Gen UI for Digital Collections." In December, we completed another new collection in the new platform, the‚ Benjamin and Julia Stockton Rush Papers.

Beginning in February of 2016, work on the project will include the re-publication of collections from our current site to the Duke Digital Repository. Selected collections will begin to appear in both platforms.

During the next few months (beginning mid-February of 2016), collections may appear in both platforms. Collections appearing under library.duke.edu/digitalcollections/ that have been re-published will be considered deprecated, and updates will not be made to the metadata or other content. The table below will list collections that have been re-published and show their status.

We will take measures to insure the usability of these materials, by providing explanatory text and links between materials that are available in both platforms. As the rate of migration increases and the volume of migrated materials reaches a critical mass, we will begin to put redirects into place - as well as explanatory text.

This page will provide the status of the migration effort on an ongoing basis.