About Us

Our mission is to ensure the Duke community can find, access and interact with information easily and transparently. We provide systems, technology services and tools to encourage the use of information and the creation of knowledge in suppport of Duke University Libraries' and Duke University's missions. Our vision for our organization is to provide thought leadership and operational excellence in the discovery and delivery of information.

Our strategy for achieving this vision is to become deft at managing service changes such as:

  • innovating in areas of strategic advantage
  • transitioning to commodity service providers when efficient to do so
  • evolving our user support in harmony with community change

Who we are

There are five departments as follows:

Digital Projects & Production Services

Department Head: Will Sexton

Data & Visualization Services

Department Head: Joel Herndon

Institutional Repository Services

Department Head: Jim Tuttle

Core Services

Department Head: John Pormann

Enterprise Services

Department Head: Ginny Boyer