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Collections Services Staff

Dracine Hodges, Associate University Librarian for Collections Services, 919-660-6944

Conservation Services

  • Beth Doyle, Leona B. Carpenter Conservator, Preservation Officer, & Head - Conservation Services, 919-660-5985
  • Erin Hammeke, Senior Conservator
  • Henry Hebert, Conservator for Special Collections
  • Jovana Ivezic, Senior Conservation Technician
  • Rachel Penniman, Conservation Specialist

Continuing Resource Acquisitions

  • Virginia Martin, Head – Continuing Resource Acquisitions, 919-660-6949
  • Nancy Bachelder, Serials Management Associate
  • Bethany Blankemeyer - Serials & E-Resource Acquisitions Librarian and Team Lead
  • Alaina Deane, Electronic Resources Management Specialist
  • Barb Dietsch, Electronic Resources Management Specialist
  • William Hanley III, Electronic Resources Management Specialist
  • Sarah Holsapple, CRA Intern
  • Adam Hudnut-Beumler, Serials Management Assistant, Sr.
  • Emily Sutton, Serials Management Associate
  • Abigail Wickes, Team Lead - E-Resources Management Librarian and Team Lead

Metadata and Discovery Strategy

  • Jacquie Samples, Head – Metadata & Discovery Strategy, 919-660-5965
  • Leeda Adkins, Metadata Ingest Specialist
  • Dennis Christman, Metadata Transformation Librarian
  • Vacant, Metadata Associate

Monograph Acquisitions

  • Bill Verner, Head – Monograph Acquisitions, 919-660-5908
  • Sara Biondi, Order and Receipts Specialist for Japanese/Korean Language Materials
  • Stephen Conrad, Team Lead - Western Languages Acquisitions
  • Bronwyn Cox, Monographic Receipts Management Assistant, Sr.
  • Fouzia El Gargouri, Team Lead – Non-Roman Languages Acquisitions
  • Jean Hall, Monographic Receipts Management Assistant, Sr.
  • Robin LaPasha, Order and Receipts Specialist for Slavic Language Materials
  • Antha Marshall, Monographic Receipts Management Assistant
  • Dan Maxwell, Shelf Preparation Assistant
  • Imari Morehead, Monographic Acquisitions and Processing Associate
  • Yaoli Shi, Order and Receipts Specialist for Chinese Language Materials
  • Teresa Sikora, Order and Receipts Specialist for Western Languages
  • Vacant, Receipts Assistant

Resource Description

  • Natalie Sommerville, Head – Resource Description, 919-668-3681 
  • Corrina Carter, Bindery and Monograph Maintenance Associate
  • Marta Conde, Catalog Librarian for French, Italian, and Digital Resource Collections
  • Mandy Hurt, Serials Description Librarian
  • Jessica Janecki - Team Lead, Original Cataloging
  • Ryan Johnson, Special Formats Description Librarian
  • Lesley Looper, Team Lead, Bindery and Monograph Maintenance
  • Christina Manzella, Monographs Description Librarian
  • Ellen Maxwell, Library Original Cataloger for Monographic Resources
  • Rich Murray, Principal Cataloger
  • Jianying Shou, Serials Description Librarian
  • Nanako Thomas, Catalog Librarian for Japanese Language Resources