Associate University Librarian for Technical Services
Leona B. Carpenter Senior Conservator and Head, Conservation Services Department
Head, Continuing Resource Acquisitions
Head, Metadata & Discovery Strategy Department
Head, Monograph Acquisitions Department
Head, Resource Description
Metadata Ingest Specialist
Continuing Resources Acquisitions Assistant, Senior
Order and Receipts Specialist for Japanese and Korean Language Materials
Order and Receipts Specialist For Western Languages
Holdings Assistant, Sr.
Electronic Resources Management Specialist
Coordinator, Shelf-Preparation Section
Metadata Transformation Librarian
Catalog Librarian for French, Italian, and Digital Collections Resources
Team Lead, Western Languages, Monographic Acquisitions Dept.
Monographic Receipts Management Assistant
Government Documents Processing Coordinator
Team Lead – Non-Roman Languages Acquisitions
Serials Management Coordinator
Monographic Receipts Management Assistant
Senior Conservator
Electronic Resources Management Specialist
Conservator for Special Collections
Serials Description Coordinator
Special Formats Description Librarian
Electronic Resources Management Associate
Order and Receipts Specialist for Slavic Language Materials
Head, Shelf Preparation Section
Monographs Description Librarian
Monographic Receipts Management Assistant
Library Assistant Senior
Resource Description Specialist
Principal Cataloger
Conservation Technician
Conservation Specialist
Library Holdings Management Assistant, Sr.
Order and Receipts Specialist for Chinese Language Materials
Serial Description Librarian
Order and Receipts Specialist for Western Languages
Team Lead, Monographic Original Cataloging
Shelf Preparation Assistant, Sr.
Periodicals Receipt Assistant
Catalog Librarian for Japanese Language Resources
Order and Invoicing Specialist for Western Languages
Electronic Resources Management Librarian
Library Assistant, Senior