I am responsible for processing and describing born-digital and paper materials in the Economists' Papers Archive. The Economists' Papers were created in collaboration with Duke's Center for the History of Political Economy and are the largest collection of academic and personal papers of important economists in the world. The archive contains letters, writings, drafts, research materials, and personal items of numerous distinguished economists, including several recipients of the Nobel Prize in economics.

I received a Ph.D. in Economics from the New School for Social Research and hold a B.A. in Economics from the University of Massachusetts - Amherst. Since 2017 I have been a Research Fellow at the Center for the History of Political Economy. My interests in the Economists' Papers and working to make the collections available are closely tied to my research interests and background in economics. Currently, I am interested in the recent history of economic theory, especially general equilibrium theory and increasing returns to scale, from the 1960s onward.

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