The Monograph Acquisitions Department at Duke University Libraries (DUL) has an unpaid field experience opportunity for library school students interested in gaining experience in library acquisitions procedures.

We are looking for an individual to participate in a Gifts Backlog Reduction Project. Working under the supervision of a Monograph Acquisitions staff member, the participating student will receive valuable training in copy cataloging processes, and will apply these new skills in the service of processing and cataloging monographic items to be added to general collection.

Requirements: Current enrollment in an MLS program accredited by the American Library Association or equivalent.

Time frame:  2018 Spring semester

Hours:   Flexible, during normal business hours (8am-5pm)

Location: Monograph Acquisitions Department, Smith Warehouse Bay 9

Contact: Bill Verner,, 919-660-5908


  • Working with staff supervisor, manages the movement of 100+ boxes of gift books out of the LSC and into the cataloging workflow.
  • Copy catalogs gift material.
  • Physically processes & readies gift material for transfer to Shelf Prep unit.
  • Processes new incoming gifts with “RUSH” status.
  • Reports on gifts backlog reduction and ongoing backlog levels.
  • Participates in Monograph Acquisitions staff meetings.

Skills Gained:

  • Student will receive copy cataloging training and will learn to identify material needing original cataloging. Student will perform copy cataloging work as part of their duties.
  • Student will gain significant project management experience.
  • Student will develop experience working in an Integrated Library Service (Aleph)
  • Student will meet with Collection Development staff to learn the life cycle of the gifts process & will gain valuable perspective and experience around both Collection Development and Acquisitions priorities and processes.