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The Digital Scholarship Services (DSS) department at Duke University Libraries has an unpaid field experience opportunity in fall 2018 for graduate students interested in gaining experience in description and management of qualitative data (e.g., images).

Work description

We are looking for an individual to assist in organizing and describing images collected and published as part of the Project Vox initiative. Working with the project team, the DSS department, and other specialized staff in the Duke University Libraries, this individual will apply consistent metadata and filenames to the current image collection, document the process, and identify tools for future organization of images by the project team.  
    Tasks and related learning outcomes can include:
    • Data organization (creating and consistently applying a file-naming schema; selecting and applying metadata schema appropriate for images management and discovery by users)
    • Database creation and population (tools, processes, and considerations for organizing images for a team-based publication)

    Site description

    The Digital Scholarship Services (DSS) department supports digital approaches to research, teaching, and publishing, primarily through consultation and implementation of digital scholarship projects, and through the organization and development of training and outreach opportunities in support of digital scholarship methods, tools, topics, and trends. DSS student team members gain interdisciplinary and cross-professional skills and experiences and are expected and encouraged to develop themselves professionally through their work with the department.


    • Current enrollment in a graduate degree program (Masters or PhD), preferably in Library & Information Science or equivalent
    • Commitment to at least one semester of field experience (135 hours, or approximately 10 hours per week). Field experiences may be longer or may be renewed, depending on project needs, the student’s interest and aptitude, and program requirements
    • Ability to work independently as well as in a collaborative team environment
    • Effective verbal and written communication skills

    Any student currently enrolled in a graduate program may apply for a field experience with DSS. We especially encourage applications from students whose program requires or encourages field-based experiences. Due to our emphasis on collaborative, team-based approaches to digital scholarship, students must be able to work on site and with other DSS and project team members.


    8-10 hours per week, with flexibility for scheduling hours. Students working with DSS also meet weekly with the full team, to discuss work in progress and insights into digital scholarship, and meet weekly with their supervisor to review progress towards field experience goals and discuss professional development.


    Digital Scholarship Services, Bostock Library, 411 Chapel Drive, Durham, NC


    Contact Liz Milewicz, , 919-660-5911 to inquire about this field experience and submit an application:

    • Letter of interest (can be email) indicating specific kind of experience sought and how this matches student’s academic and career goals as well as her/his personal strengths and interests)
    • Resume detailing education and relevant work experience