Vision Statement

The Duke University Libraries will strengthen their role as an essential partner in research, teaching and scholarly communication. The Libraries will be known for providing access to world-class resources within and beyond their collections, in all formats, and at the point and place of need. The Libraries' physical spaces will encourage reflection, intellectual exploration and academic interaction. Working with others, the Libraries will be an innovative leader for the University community as scholarly communication systems are transformed. An expert, flexible and responsive staff will interact with faculty, staff and students at multiple points in their research, teaching, learning and publishing. As the University community assesses progress toward its strategic goals, it will note that the Libraries have played a major role in promoting excellence in teaching and scholarship, internationalization, interdisciplinarity and knowledge in the service of society.

Strategic Directions for 2010-2015

User Experience

1. Improve the User Experience

Understand library users' research and library experiences and use that information to shape collections, spaces, and services. More »

Digital Content, Tools & Services

2. Provide Digital Content, Tools & Services

Provide services and scholarly resources in formats that best fit user needs. In a digital world, we must shift our efforts increasingly toward the support of digital content, tools and services. More »

Research & Teaching Partnerships

3. Develop New Research & Teaching Partnerships

Ensure that the Libraries provide the best possible support for research and teaching by developing new strategies for working with users, collaborating with other groups and embedding staff and services at the right places in users' workflows. More »

Support University Priorities

4. Support University Priorities

Articulate how the Libraries' collections, services, and initiatives align with the University priorities of excellence in research and teaching, internationalization, interdisciplinarity, and knowledge in the service of society. More »

Enhance Library Spaces

5. Enhance Library Spaces

Ensure that the Libraries' use of physical space develops in coordination with the evolution of the teaching and research needs of the University. More »

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