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Librarian for Sociology and Cultural Anthropology Linda Daniel consults with a student in Perkins Library
Librarian for Sociology and Cultural Anthropology Linda Daniel consults with a student in Perkins Library
In support of Duke University’s mission to advance the frontiers of knowledge and promote an intellectual environment based on free and open inquiry, Duke University Libraries staff are dedicated to collaborating with patrons to achieve their learning objectives and research goals. Libraries staff are committed to providing outstanding service based on respect and empathy for the diverse backgrounds and needs in our community. We work as a team to guide, instruct, consult, and partner with our users to achieve excellence.

The Duke University Libraries staff are...

We strive to exceed our users’ expectations by being approachable, attentive, and proactive, regardless of whether patrons’ questions are general or specific, simple or complex or whether researchers are in person or online, part of our local or global communities.
We focus on strong communication skills, based on an openness and willingness to listen, and we provide opportunities for users to express uncertainty, gain confidence, learn new skills, and explore new branches of knowledge.
We continually develop our technical skills, research knowledge, and expertise to meet our users' diverse needs. Further, we work actively to remain aware of the skills and expertise of our colleagues and know when and how to refer users to other specialists within the Libraries and elsewhere in the University.
We build relationships with faculty, students, staff, and other researchers through proactive outreach and partnerships. We utilize our collective expertise to understand and facilitate the academic pursuits of the University.
We are devoted to teaching research processes and making them as transparent as possible while fulfilling users' information needs.
We will continually adapt and revisit our goals and priorities, services and policies, utilizing technical skills and creativity to respond thoughtfully to researchers’ evolving needs.

Duke University Libraries staff work together to provide helpful, reliable, and consistent service. We are integral to patrons’ pursuit of research, and we aim to instill in all users the confidence that Duke University Libraries staff will anticipate and advocate for their needs in a changing information landscape.

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