The following material provides some useful links for scholars researching housing characteristics, foreclosures and mortgages.

Source Details Notes
Data Sources
Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) Provides a variety of reports required by mortgage disclosure regulations. Disaggregation into loan types and federal program types are available. Click the "Reports" link on the navigation toolbar to see a variety of report types. The Home Mortgage Disclosure Act section provides quantitative information on mortgages for Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs), provided as PDFs. 
HUD User Contains research and data about housing and related government initiatives See the "Data Sets" section for survey information, Government Sponsored Enterprise (GSE) information and current federal housing policy
National Delinquency Survey (Mortgage Banker Association, via DataStream) Provides quarterly delinquency and foreclosure statistics at the national, regional and state levels. Loan types and degrees of delinquency are disaggregated. Can only be accessed through DataStream at the Ford Library
U.S. Credit Conditions (Federal Reserve Bank of New York) A variety of mortgage indicators and household debt and credit statistics by state and county. Also provides external links to economic data sources. Limited time series data. Use the provided web application to explore the data graphically. Data can be downloaded as Excel spreadsheets. Each tab provides a different type of information.
Information Sources
Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HDMA) Informational resource for home mortgage regulation and gateway to statistical information See the FFIEC site to obtain data Research site Provides recent market analysis, reports and some statistical information From the main page, click the "Research" tab to the right. Some statistics are available, see individual reports for availability.