Getting Help

Data consultants within DVS can help with data processing and cleaning using a variety of tools from Open Refine to the command line. Consultants can also help with troubleshooting issues with analytical and statistical software programs like Stata and R. Consultants hold walk-in hours in the Brandaleone Lab. You can also email us your data question or to set up an appointment.

Another great resource for data cleaning and analysis support at Duke is The Social Science Research Institute (SSRI). SSRI provides one-on-one advice through their Connection Bar on quantitative and qualitative methods and tools.

Workshops & Courses

Perkins Library and Data and Visualization Services hold workshops on using statistical software packages as well as on data wrangling strategies throughout the semester.

The Social Science Research Institute (SSRI) also offers a variety of workshops on research methods and tools.

Software in the Library

The Brandaleone Lab for Data and Visualization Services is located on the first floor of Bostock Library. Our lab contains a variety of software programs that you can use to clean and analyze your data. Installed statistical software and data wrangling programs include:

  • Stata
  • R
  • RStudio
  • SAS
  • MatLab
  • StatTransfer
  • NVivo
  • OpenRefine
  • Excel