Oil & Gas Fields:                Identification Information

Originator:  USGS and Petroconsultants International Data Corp., Inc.

                                Date:  June 29, 1999

                                Title:Oil and Gas Fields (dataset is not global)

Purpose:  The purpose of this map is to depict the general location of the oil and gas fields. This dataset is not global.

Abstract:   A fundamental task in the assessment is to map the locations and type of production for existing oil and gas fields.

                                Access Constraints:  none

Use Constraints:  Portions of this database covering coastline and country boundaries contain intellectual property of Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI), and are used with their permission. End users are permitted to use these data sets for their own internal use, including derivative work, but are prohibited from using and redistributing these data individually or in a derivative work to third parties.

Ordering Instructions:  none


                                                Contact Address:  U.S. Geological Survey MS939, Box 25046

                                                City:  Denver

                                                State or Province:  Colorado

                                                Postal Code:  80225-0046

                                                Country:  USA


Online Linkage:  http://energy.cr.usgs.gov/energy/WorldEnergy/WEnergy.html


                                Entity and Attribute Information (table heading explanations)

                                                Shape:  ArcView file type

                                                Fld6_g_:  Number assigned to each data line

                                                Fld6_g_id:  Feature identification number

                                                Wfld_:  unknown

                                                Wfld_id:  unknown

                                                Fcode:  unknown

                                                Name:  Oil and Gas Field name

                                                Reg_:  unknown

                                                Reg_id:  unknown

                                                Num:  World Oil and Gas Assessment Region Number