This collection contains tutorial data for use with ArcGIS 9.3 tutorials and is restricted to current students, faculty and staff.

Getting Started

Saving Your Work

When you download the files, remember where you have saved them on your local machine. The tutorial documentation will refer to the default install directory, (C:\arcgis\ArcTutor\). Change this directory by saving the data in a new location on your machine.

Tutorial Name File
Getting Started ZIP
3D Analyst ZIP
Animation in ArcMap ZIP
ArcCatalog ZIP
ArcGIS Publisher ZIP
ArcMap ZIP
ArcReader ZIP
ArcScan for ArcGIS ZIP
ArcSDE Database Servers ZIP
Building Geodatabases ZIP
Data Interoperability ZIP
Editing GIS Features ZIP
Editing Geodatabases ZIP
Geocoding ZIP
Geoprocessing ZIP
Geostatistical Analyst ZIP
Linear Referencing ZIP
Maplex for ArcGIS ZIP
Network Analyst ZIP
Representations ZIP
Schematics & Schematics Designer Tutorial data ZIP
Spatial Analyst ZIP
StreetMap ZIP
Survey Analyst Cadastral Editor ZIP
Survey Analyst Survey Editor ZIP
Tracking Analyst ZIP