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Above are links to two lists of company names and addresses.

  • The link to Current Company Name lists the companies in alphabetical order of their current name (e.g. American Safety Razor is the company that now owns Burma-Shave; contact information for Burma Shave will be found under the name "American Safety Razor").
  • Company Name in Ads lists the companies in alphabetical order of their names as found in the advertisements in Ad*Access. Burma Shave will therefore be found under it's original name "Burma Shave" in this list.

The information in both lists is identical; however, the two lists provide contrasting access to company names, depending on the information you are searching for. If you want to know if Procter & Gamble has advertisements in Ad*Access, search the "Current Company Name" page. The various companies included in our project that Procter & Gamble now owns will all be noted under one heading, along with the contact information.

If you need to know the company that now owns "Norwich Pharmacal Company" search the "Company Name in Ads" page. Procter & Gamble will be shown as the current owner, and the contact information will be again be included.

Individual product names are not included in these lists. Every advertisement in Ad*Access includes company name information on the same page as the advertisement image. Use that information when searching the Company Name in Ads list.

This is NOT a complete list. When a company is not included in the list, this does not mean that copyright, trademark, and service mark claims are not viable. It only reflects our staff's lack of success in attempts to make contact with an individual or company holding copyright for the product and/or company in the advertisement.

Individuals wishing to publish or broadcast an advertisement from a company not included in the above lists must assume all responsibility for identifying and satisfying any claimants of copyright, trademarks or service marks.

For further information on making reproductions; obtaining permission for commercial use; how to cite ads from this project in your work; as well as other copyright information, please see our Copyright Information page.

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