Sculptor of Tennessee, a poem


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    Humorous poem, anonymous, "written by one of the most scholarly and most noted lady -- married -- teachers in the state." About an incident at Southwest Normal School (now Southwestern Oklahoma State University) in Weatherford, Oklahoma. Story involves statues of Hercules and Apollo, "fully sexed instead of conventionally fig-leafed," purchased by the school, and the controversy that arose. The president of the school, "procuring a chisel ... proceeded to denature them"; then, after a dream, decided to restore the statues. "The sacreligious defacement of the statues also came up recently when State Superintendent Wilson gave it as one of the reasons why the over-virtuous Pres. of the S.W. Normal was not reappointed was because of this destruction of art." "Ninety-nine copies printed for the St. Louis, Mo. Book Scout, 1942."
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