Portrait of a group of military officials wearing overcoats and fur hats, seated and standing on open air balcony


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    Handwritten caption: Sitting Left to Right - Lt. Col. Barrows, Intelligence officer; Col. Morris, Inspector General; Lt. Col. Robinson, Chief of Staff; Gen. Graves [?] Guil.; Col. Gallagher, Chief [?] M[?]; Col. Wilson Chief [?]- ; Standing Left to Right; Major [Faymannille?], [?]; Lt. St. Goar A.S.; Capt. Chapman Aid; Capt. Hoffman Aid; Major Eichelberger, Gen. Staff; Major King [?] [Guil.?]; Major Galen Judge Advocate; Major Offut Medical Corps ; Capt. Jennings Engineer. This picture was taken on the verandah [i.e., veranda] of [?] Hqrs A.E.J. Siberia on October 25, 1918. A snow covered hill with [?] on top can be seen in the distance. A bright sun made most of us squint a bit.
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