Term Cloud

This tag cloud was generated from terms appearing five or more times in the captions of photographs in the Gamble collection. For more information about how Duke University Libraries assigned captions to the photographs, see "About the Photographs and the Project."
above across altar american animal anti-japan arch area army around arrest art avenue baby back baggage balcony bamboo band banner basket bath beach bed beggar bell belt big bird birdcage blind block board boat bow box boy brick bride bridge bronze brother buddha buddhist buffalo building bull burn burner cadillac cake camel camp canal cane captain car cargo carriage carrier carry cart carve catafalque cathedral cattle cave celebration center chair chapel chart cheek children china chinese christian church city class classroom cliff clinic close closeup cloth cloud coal coat coffin collecting college conference confucian confucius cook copulating corn corner cot cotton country couple court courtyard cover cow crop cross crowd cut dagoba dance dancer day dean decor deer demonstration detail devil dignitary distance distribution district doctor dog donkey door doorway double down dragon dress drill drive drum drying duck earth east eat education elephant emperor end entrance escort examination factory family fan far ferry field figure fire first fish five flag flail flash flood floor flower food ford foreign fortune fountain four frieze front fuel funeral fur garden gate gateway gather girl gogod goddess gold gorge grain grass grave great grind ground group guard guardian gun hall hand harrow harvest hat hay head headdress health hearse heaven hell herd high higher hill hillside hoe hole home hope horizontal horse hospital hot house hut ice idol imperial incense inside interior iron irrigation island jade jail japan junk kettle kindergarten laborer lady lake lama lamasary language lantern large laugh lawn lecture light line lion little load long look lotus low lumber lunch main make man map marble march market martial mass mat meet memorial men mill millet mine miner ming moat model monastery money monument moon mosque mountain movement mud mule near net new ninth noodle normal north official old one opium orphan orphanage outdoor outside over pack pagoda palace palm panorama paper parade park party peace peak people picnic picture pig pilgrim pillar pilot pine plant play plow pole police pool poor poorhouse portrait pound pray prayer presbyterian president priest prison process pull pump raft railroad rain read red reflection reform refuge residence rest review rice ricksha ride ring river road rock roll roof room rope round route row rower sail salt sampan scene school scout screen scroll sculpture seat secretary seed sell seller seminary servant service set sew shoe shoemaker shop shore shrine side sign silver sit small smoke snow society soldier sorghum south speak spin spirit spring square staff stage stairway stand station statue stele step stern stick stone store stove straw stream street student summer sun sunday Sun Yat-Sen table tablet tea teacher teller temple tent terrace thanksgiving thousand thread three thresh throne through tiger tile tobacco tomb top torii tower town train travel tree twist two umbrella under uniform union university urn valley vertical victory view village wagon wait walk wall wash watch water waterfall weave wedding weigh well west western wheel wheelbarrow white windmill window winnow winter women wood work worker world worship wreath wreck year YMCA
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