Sojourn, 1917-1919


Arrived in China in May for second sojourn. Together with Robert Fitch and J.H. Arthur, traveled up the Yangzi River, from Zheijiang province deep into Sichuan province, taking numerous photographs.

1918 Spring

Visited flood relief camps in Tianjin and traveled to Beijing. Traveled with G. Sherwood Eddy to Xiamen, Fuzhou, Ningbo, Hong Kong, and Manila. Joined the international staff of the YMCA in Beijing and became a member of Princeton University Center in China (Princeton Court).

1918 Summer

Visited Beidaihe and Bei Niu Ding (Hebei).

1918 Fall

Conducted field-work for a social survey of Beijing with John Stewart Burgess while teaching elementary economics and the principles of philanthropic and institutional work at Yenching University.

1919 Spring

Visited Baoding and Kaifeng during Spring Festival, and Taishan, Jinan, and Qufu in March.

1919 Summer

Worked on survey materials at Beidaihe.

1919 Fall

Traveled to Hangzhou.

1919 Winter

Returned to Pasadena, California, in December, with negatives of some 2,500 photographs taken during second sojourn.


Published first book, Peking: A Social Survey, with the assistance of J. Stewart Burgess. Traveled as member of a commission headed by G. Sherwood Eddy to study the labor movement in England and relief work in Germany, Austria, and Czechoslovakia.


Prepared for third sojourn in China at New York Union Theological Seminary, New York School of Social Work, and Columbia University.

From Sidney Gamble's China Revisited
copyright 2004 by the China Institute and the Sidney D. Gamble Foundation for China Studies

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