Sojourn, 1924-1927

1924 Spring

Married Elizabeth Pritchard Lowe, daughter of Dr. Walter I. Lowe and Catherine Caskey Lowe of Hamilton, New York, on January 18. Arrived in Beijing on March 13 to resume post as secretary of the International Committee of the YMCA. Began studying Chinese at the North China Union Language School and conducting socio-economic surveys of Chinese family life. First trip to Miao Feng Shan in April, a popular pilgrimage site northwest of Beijing.

1924 Fall

Traveled to Chengde, Lanxian, Tangshan, And Tianjin.

1925 Spring

Traveled to Shanghai in January to meet a commission on social and economic research, and returned to Beijing by way of Qinhuangdao and Tianjin. Second trip to Miao Feng Shan with Arthur W. Hummel, Franklin C.H. Lee, and L. Carrington Goodrich in April.

1925 Fall

Taught at Yenching University, Union Medical College, and the American Women's College Club.

1925 Summer

Traveled to Japan to join Dr. and Mrs. Lowe, and accompanied them to Beijing, Beidaihe, and Shanhaiguan.

1926 Spring

Conducted research on prices, wages, and the standard of living in Beijing. Gamble's first child born on March 21st.

1926 Fall

Traveled for three weeks in the SovietUnion with G. Sherwood Eddy and 25 Americans, including brother Dr. Clarence Gamble.

1926 Winter

Accompanied wife and daughter back to the United States on November 11, and stayed in Pasadena until early 1927.

1927 Spring

Sailed for China on February 26, arriving in Shanghai on March 25; then traveled to Beijing by way of Qingdao and Tianjin. Took film footage of pilgrimage activities on a third trip to Miao Feng Shan in April.

1927 Fall

Visited Dingxian where the National Association for the Mass Education Movement, led by Dr. James Yen, was based.

1927 Winter

Returned to the United States.


Elected President of Princeton-YenchingFoundation.

From Sidney Gamble's China Revisited
copyright 2004 by the China Institute and the Sidney D. Gamble Foundation for China Studies

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