Sojourn, 1931-1932

1931 Summer

Returned to China for fourth and last sojourn, following a second trip to the Soviet Union. Became involved in the administration of Yenching University.

1931 Fall

Moved Dingxian to serve as research secretary of the National Association for the Mass Education Movement, and carried out surveys of village life in northern China.

1932 Spring

Departed Shanghai for the United States on February 23.


Published How Chinese Families Live in Peiping.


Continued to publish books and articles on aspects of Chinese village and family life. Elected member of the National Council of the YMCA. Became Treasurer, Vice Chairman, Chairman, and President Emeritus of Church World Service; Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation; President and Honorary Chairman of Princeton-in-Asia.


Died in New York on March 29 at the age of 78, survived by his widow and four children; Catherine, Louise, David, and Anne.

From Sidney Gamble's China Revisited
copyright 2004 by the China Institute and the Sidney D. Gamble Foundation for China Studies

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