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About This Site

This site has been designed to help you explore Duke's unique digitized library and archival materials. It presents many ways to search and browse the collections. Learn more...


The search box conducts a basic keyword search. It searches all fields, including item IDs. You can switch the scope of your search to search more broadly across all of Duke's digital collections, rather than just the current collection.



Blank search. Retrieve all the available items by clicking the Search button without specifying a keyword (same effect as clicking 'Browse')

Advanced Search

Click 'Advanced' to specify individual fields to search. The available searchable fields vary by collection. Click (+) to add a field, (-) to remove it. You can combine keywords with specific field searches.

advanced search

Working With Results

From your search results, you do not have to start your search over again to refine the result set. This site uses "faceted navigation," which displays options on the left-hand side for refining a query one step at a time.


The options on the side enable you to further narrow your result set


Item Options

Available options vary for each type of item.

item options


Most items can be embedded on other webpages by clicking </> Embed under the item, copying the <iframe> code, and pasting it into a page (be sure you are in the code or HTML view).

Embed link

Problems embedding? Make sure your site allows you to use <iframe> tags (some content management systems don't). You might also manually revise the width and height attributes in the embed code to fit within your page.

Item Information

Following links in the item information section will search all digital collections for matching items (not just the current collection). For example, from this ad in the Ad*Access collection, clicking Publication: Saturday Evening Post will lead you to all of our digitized items from the Saturday Evening Post, regardless of the digital collection.


This will export a PDF of the item. PDF is a format that is especially convenient for saving or printing multi-paged items. Please note that this feature is currently unavailable for many items.

pdf option


Click "All Sizes" to access different sizes of the image. Select a size to access the file directly. Medium is usually the best size for use on a blog post or other website.

all sizes

Zoom and pan on the image to get a closer look.

zoom and pan

Downloading a Document

Many images are downloadable by clicking to the size desired in the "All Sizes" view, and right-clicking to Save.

Documents using our document viewer may be downloaded one image at a time by clicking the icon at the upper-left, which presents the page image at the current zoom level. Zoom in all the way for a high-resolution image.

Download document

Asking for Help

The contact information listed under 'Research Help' for any item or collection will be the best point of contact for assistance.

research help