War ration book two


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    All stamps used on the point system. Blue stamps for processed foods. Stamps lettered A,B,C were to be used only during Mar. 1943. Stamps D,E and F only used between Mar. 25-Apr. 30, 1943. Red stamps for meats and fats. Background paper contains stylized Great Seal and the phrase "U.S. Government Ration" in blue ink. Motivational statements: "Rationing is a vital part of your country's war effort. This book is your Government's guarantee of your fair share of goods made scarce by war, to which the stamps herein will be assigned as the need arises. Any attempt to violate the rules is an effort to deny someone his share and will create hardship and discontent. Such action, like treason, helps the enemy." "Give your whole support to rationing and thereby conserve our vital goods. Be guided by the rule: 'If you don't need it, DON'T BUY IT.'"
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