Benson (N.C.), circa 1937 (Reel 1)

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The shot list for this film was created by library staff from another version of the footage. The sequence of events identified in the shot list should be accurate, but the timestamps are not.

Collection: H. Lee Waters Collection
Format: VHS
Town: Benson, NC
Tape: Benson/Henderson, 16mm, b/w, silent, 54:45
Theater: Benson Theatre
Dates: March 16, 1937 (one showing only)
Film Quality: Excellent
Note: Many good shots of neighborhood children playing and African Americans on Main Streets

00:00:31 - FIRST IMAGE - High school girl walking toward camera carrying books.
00:00:54 - school yard - students arriving - all grades, elementary through high schools
00:02:20 - dog carrying book bag by handle in its mouth
00:02:40 - wide, panning shot of students in front of school building, yard
00:04:05 - African American and white men working on public works project (building a street)
00:04:35 - main street with women, children, business men, black and whites
00:05:20 - black man dancing for camera
00:05:25 - two black men play boxing
00:05:37 - black and white men working on railroad track
00:05:41 - children, girls, girl with dog, little boy eating and playing with toys
00:06:22 - black men sitting on street corner
00:06:29 - black boys playing paddle ball downtown
00:06:48 - kids playing basketball
00:07:10 - girls playing basketball
00:07:35 - black man with ball
00:07:48 - women and boys posing at school
00:08:32 - children on see-saw and swings in playground
00:09:02 - panning shot of group of children
00:09:22 - "Pure" sign on corner
00:09:29 - 'Dixie Doodle Cafe' window sign
00:09:33 - wide shot of cafe with employees standing in front
00:09:37 - close up of employees: one black man, one white man, one white woman
00:09:43 - main street with white man laughing and 'Meat Market' sign in background
00:09:45 - main street - school children, business man
00:09:57 - baby in carriage with blanket and cap - close up
00:10:02 - main street with children, men, and women
00:10:16 - main street - boy wearing Lindbergh cap close ups and medium shots
00:10:20 - main street - girl in overalls riding bike toward camera
00:10:26 - 'Dr. Utley's Store' window sign close up
00:10:32 - main street - woman in fur coat, gloves, hiding face from camera
00:10:36 - panning shot of group in front of shop
00:10:40 - child wearing a cap in strollers
00:10:45 - main street - girls, children
00:10:50 - 'Walt's Watch Shop' close panning shot of sign
00:10:57 - watch shop window with man working inside
00:11:00 - main street - girls shying away from camera
00:11:07 - 'Benton Printing Company' sign close up
00:11:12 - main street children, women walking toward camera
00:11:35 - portrait shot of little girl eating ice cream, baby with bonnet
00:11:41 - main street - girls walking toward camera, boy riding bike toward camera
00:11:49 - two black boys at street corner
00:11:52 - main street - two girls with dog chewing lollipop
00:12:00 - main street - boys, boy riding bike wearing army private hat and winks at camera
00:12:08 - main street - shoppers, and men hanging out on street
00:12:20 - close up of man - FILM DETERIORATION-DOTS AND SPLOTCHES
00:12:23 - boys roller skating toward camera - FILM DETERIORATION - SPLOTCHES IN UPPER LEFT CORNER
00:12:43 - 'R.E. Johnson' window sign with man walking in
00:12:50 - main street with children walking by
00:12:55 - main street - black child walking toward camera
00:13:08 - boy eating in front of alley
00:13:20 - children leaving house and waving
00:13:25 - girl with dolls
00:13:32 - boy riding bike
00:13:40 - girl picking pansy and smelling flower beside sidewalk
00:13:48 - men riding bike toward camera in neighborhood
00:13:52 - shot of big white house
00:14:00 - main street people, women, boy on bike
00:14:08 - old woman in a rocker on porch reading the newspaper
00:14:19 - dog running down porch steps through bushes. Sequence repeated
00:14:29 - portrait shot of black woman on porch
00:14:30 - portrait shot of black woman on porch - OVEREXPOSED
00:14:34 - children jumping rope
00:14:39 - boys playing marbles - triangle drawn in dirt
00:14:45 - shots of girls and boys in school yard
00:15:10 - panning shot of teacher and elementary school children lined up in rows
00:15:19 - panning shot of teacher and school children - closer shot
00:15:29 - close up of various children in rows
00:15:38 - panning shot of school children in rows mainly middle school age
00:15:54 - close up shots of various students in rows
00:16:03 - panning shot of older school students
00:16:16 - close up of various older school students in rows
00:16:34 - 'P.B. Johnson' signage on top of building with 'Gulf' advertisement on side of building
00:16:40 - 'P.B. Johnson Building Material' window sign - close up
00:16:42 - 'P.B. Johnson Farm Supplies' window sign - close up
00:16:44 - 'P.B. Johnson Hardware' window sign - close up
00:16:47 - 'P.B. Johnson Paints & Varnishes' window sign - close up
00:16:49 - panning of window signage 'Roofing'
00:16:53 - panning of window signage 'Farm Implements'
00:16:55 - panning of window signage 'Fertilizers'
00:16:59 - panning of window signage 'Wire Fence'
00:17:03 - men checking out new type of wheel barrel
00:17:18 - old man looking at harness
00:17:31 - salesman helping customer with selecting paint
00:17:46 - black man helps white man load horse and buggy with heavy bags
00:18:00 - man inspecting cotton
00:18:15 - black man pushing fertilizer sack out of warehouse on cart
00:18:19 - close up of 'White House Guano' fertilizer sack
00:18:23 - main street - close up of girl in overalls walking toward camera
00:18:33 - main street - business men, baby, children
00:18:43 - 'First Citizens Bank and Trust' window sign
00:18:47 - bank advertisement for savings account
00:18:55 - main street - men hanging out on the street
00:19:04 - crossing guard with flag and stop sign at railroad crossing
00:19:08 - train passing through town in front of crossing guard
00:19:23 - man with bandaged hand smoking
00:19:27 - 'Welcome to Four Oaks' billboard sign for "Worlds largest rural consolidated school"
00:19:33 - students in front of school
00:19:55 - students entering school
00:20:25 - students bouncing each other on a teeter totter
00:20:32 - panning of students sitting on top of buses
00:20:45 - shots of students sitting outside of school
00:20:56 - wide shot of large group of students on building steps
00:21:02 - medium shots of students in large group on steps
00:21:09 - students milling around outside of school
00:21:29 - main street - two young black men in business suits
00:21:34 - man slowly pushing wheel barrel
00:21:40 - main street - men hanging out
00:21:53 - Last Image - white and black men working on side of buildings

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    This film is part of a series of films taken by H. Lee Waters titled Movies of Local People. The series captures residents of small towns across North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia between 1936 and 1942. Digitized from U-matic. The shot list for this film was created by library staff from another version of the footage. The sequence of events identified in the shot list should be accurate, but the timestamps are not.
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    The materials in the H. Lee Waters Film Collection are made available for use in research, teaching and private study. Materials from this collection may not be used for any commercial purpose without prior permission from Duke University. All copyrights that exist in this material have not been transferred to Duke University. When use is made of these materials, it is the responsibility of the user to obtain additional permissions as necessary and to observe the stated access policy, the laws of copyright and the educational fair use guidelines.
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