Clayton (N.C.), circa 1936-1937 (Reel 1)

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The shot list for this film was created by library staff from another version of the footage. The sequence of events identified in the shot list should be accurate, but the timestamps are not.

Collection: H. Lee Waters Collection
Tape: Clayton, 16mm, b/w, silent, 14:03 mins
Town: Clayton, NC
Theater: Wades Theatre
Dates: 1937 (2 showings)
Film Quality: Fair / scratches throughout the tape - have indicated where most notable
Note: Many good shots of cars being serviced and the African American community

00:00:48 - FIRST IMAGE - Children walking in line into school
00:01:01 - Boys playing for camera one boy has Lindbergh hat on
00:01:05 - Man wiping windshield
00:01:18 - Girls and boys walking toward camera from school steps
00:01:55 - Pan of girls and boys in front of school several boys wearing Lindbergh caps
00:02:25 - Boys playing marbles in school yard
00:02:35 - Shots of girls and boys and school yard SCRATCHES
00:02:50 - Boys at water foundation drinking
00:03:10 - Shot of black boy on steps
00:03:14 - Pan of school children in the yard lined up
00:03:24 - Shot of boy with Lindbergh cap and missing front teeth
00:03:30 - Girls playing hopscotch
00:03:50 - Black man sweeping in front of theatre
00:04:03 - Black women and men in neighborhoods
00:04:15 - Black children in front of school - black child with Lindbergh cap
00:04:30 - Businessman holding child in front of store SCRATCHES
00:04:40 - Car being service by gas station attendant
00:05:13 - Man in suit and tie working under car
00:05:15 - "Rx Drain Refill Your Crankcase Now" sign SCRATCHES
00:05:25 - "Essolube" motor oil display
00:05:42 - "Standard Esso Dealer" sign SCRATCHES
00:05:45 - "Champion Spark Plugs" signage
00:05:50 - "Atlas Tires" Signage
00:05:55 - Pan of work yard
00:06:02 - Shots of children on main street
00:06:07 - sullen child holding puppy
00:06:10 - Child standing in front of window signage for "Philip Morris Cigarettes"
00:06:15 - Main street activity shot
00:06:20 - Black man laughing at camera
00:06:25 - rolling shot into covered bridge
00:06:30 - Children getting off bus
00:06:53 - Pan of children in front of bus
00:06:58 - Men in front of building
00:07:00 - Pan of Chevrolet building
00:07:12 - "Ever-Green" window signage
00:07:16 - Shots of people on main street SCRATCHES
00:07:20 - "Wall's Shoe Shop" Signage with man pointing to sign
00:07:25 - Black man in cap on main street
00:07:38 - "John T. Talton Insurance and Coal" window signage with boy in Lindbergh cap
00:07:45 - Close up of Lindbergh cap boy and a policeman
00:07:49 - Black man in overall on main street
00:08:04 - "Barber Shop" Window signage with man standing to side
00:08:10 - Black men shoving coal into pickup truck
00:08:16 - Shots of people on main street
00:08:40 - Black youths playing basket ball in suits
00:08:48 - Black women in window
00:08:50 - People in the neighborhood
00:09:10 - People leaving workplaces
00:09:23 - black men pushing bales of cotton
00:09:29 - shots of people on main street
00:10:12 - Mother with child on porch UNDEREXPOSED
00:10:19 - people on main street
00:10:43 - Black man with bike dressed in suit
00:10:48 - black women dressed up walking toward camera
00:10:50 - Black man and white man outside a business
00:10:58 - people on main street
00:11:08 - Dog hopping on hind legs
00:11:10 - Dog sitting like a person on curb then starts hopping on hind legs
00:11:20 - Black man makes circle with arms and dog jumps through
00:11:24 - "Catherine's Beauty Salon" signage
00:11:32 - "Chicks Luncheonette" window signage
00:11:33 - "Bank of Clayton" Signage
00:11:39 - people on street shots
00:11:48 - Man in deliver uniform holding puppy
00:11:52 - boy with Lindbergh cap and satchel over shoulders
00:11:57 - Close up of puppy on top of belted letters
00:12:01 - Boy with Lindbergh cap and newspaper satchel
00:12:08 - "N. Clyde Wall Grocery & Market" Window signage
00:12:12 - people on the street
00:12:22 - "W.J. Akins Dry Cleaning" window signage
00:12:32 - Long shot of Sinclair service station and Coca-Cola sign
00:12:43 - "Piggly Wiggly All Over the World" Signage
00:12:50 - "White's Good things to eat" signage
00:12:58 - "The Clayton News"s
00:13:08 - Shots of people on the street dressed for cold weather
00:13:48 - "Clayton Furniture Co." signage
00:13:55 - Shot of theatre buildings
00:13:59 - "Clayton Supply Co." farming supplies and fertilizer window signage
00:14:03 - "Poole's Drug Store" window signage

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  • Description
    This film is part of a series of films taken by H. Lee Waters titled Movies of Local People. The series captures residents of small towns across North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia between 1936 and 1942. Digitized from U-matic. The shot list for this film was created by library staff from another version of the footage. The sequence of events identified in the shot list should be accurate, but the timestamps are not.
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    The materials in the H. Lee Waters Film Collection are made available for use in research, teaching and private study. Materials from this collection may not be used for any commercial purpose without prior permission from Duke University. All copyrights that exist in this material have not been transferred to Duke University. When use is made of these materials, it is the responsibility of the user to obtain additional permissions as necessary and to observe the stated access policy, the laws of copyright and the educational fair use guidelines.
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