Wytheville (Va.), circa 1939 (Reel 2)

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The shot list for this film was created by library staff from another version of the footage. The sequence of events identified in the shot list should be accurate, but the timestamps are not.

Collection: H. Lee Waters Collection
Tape: Wytheville, 16mm, b/w, silent, 30:55 (part 2 of 2)
Town: Wytheville, VA
Theater: Wythe Theatre
Dates: April 28 & 29, 1939
Film Quality: Slight Deterioration, Scratches and blotches.
Note: Plenty of commercial shots - shop windows, store signs, and the inside of shops. Films part of an athletic event.

00:15:27 - ROLL 2 - Kids filing out of school
00:15:41 - BLANK IMAGE
00:15:44 - Shot of students filing out resumes
00:16:22 - Students looking out of window at camera
00:16:33 - Group of Adults (teachers?) standing in front of school entrance
00:16:38 - Shot of a Factory with cars parked outside
00:16:44 - Workers (women) filing out - PICTURE QUALITY IMPROVES
00:18:44 - Cars pulling up
00:18:47 - 'Green Cab 22' painted on the side of one car
00:19:13 - Shot of man in car
00:19:28 - Shot of a small boy wearing a Stetson hat and holding a toy gun
00:19:28 - Policeman checking cars
00:19:40 - Black man in suit standing in doorway
00:19:41 - 'Raflo's' sign on store window
00:19:54 - People leaving and entering building (pace is fast-forwarded)
00:20:14 - Group of men talking and smoking in front of building
00:20:31 - Shot of moving cars, pedestrians and cyclists on the main street - A LOT OF SCRATCHES
00:21:04 - Boy and younger girl, holding hands and crossing the street
00:21:11 - 4 Boys eating candy, posing for camera (fast forwarded)
00:21:32 - Shot of the 'J.J. Newberry Co. 5-10-25 Cent Store'
00:21:36 - 'Elite Beauty' shop sign above
00:21:40 - Window sign advertising various businesses.
00:21:51 - Shop window sign advertising 'Notary-Public'
00:21:55 - Shot of a busy street (in fast forward)
00:22:11 - 'Latanes Cafe American' Store sign
00:22:17 - Shot of the front entrance of the cafe.
00:22:28 - 'Moore & Co Jewelry' sign
00:22:50 - The inside of a store - showing of the silverware/jewelry/china
00:22:33 - Shot of an artisan at work - fixing a watch
00:23:56 - Salesman showing off a refrigerator - 'Conservador Philco'
00:24:16 - 'Alpers Dept. Store' sign
00:24:32 - Women in store trying on shoes
00:25:13 - 'Men's' section
00:25:39 - Goods in display window - shoes, hats, suits
00:25:44 - 'Curlee Clothes' sign
00:25:53 - Girl trying on various hats
00:26:07 - 'Economy Auto Supply' window sign
00:26:13 - 'Goodrich Tires' window advertisement
00:26:19 - 'Goodrich Tires' Store sign
00:26:33 - Tire salesman with a potential customer
00:26:45 - Man at work making a spare part
00:27:01 - Inside of a Car accessories and spare parts shop
00:27:53 - Shot of employees in overalls standing in front of store
00:28:08 - Men throwing the shot-put (athletic competition?)
00:29:12 - Boys running on a track (long distance race)
00:29:30 - Boys throwing javelin
00:30:02 - Overhead shot of Stadium/Sports field.
00:30:13 - Overhead shot of boys relay race
00:30:42 - Shot of houses
00:30:56 - Outside of 'Wythe Theater'
00:31:06 - People exiting a building

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  • Description
    This film is part of a series of films taken by H. Lee Waters titled Movies of Local People. The series captures residents of small towns across North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia between 1936 and 1942. Digitized from U-matic. The shot list for this film was created by library staff from another version of the footage. The sequence of events identified in the shot list should be accurate, but the timestamps are not.
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    Moving Image
  • Series
    Movies of Local People, 1936-1942
  • Provenance
    The H. Lee Waters Film Collection was received by the David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library as a series of gifts and purchases beginning in 1988
  • Source
    H. Lee Waters Film Collection
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  • Creator
    Waters, H. Lee
  • Title
    Wytheville (Va.), circa 1939 (Reel 2)
  • Extent
    TRT 00:18:13
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    The materials in the H. Lee Waters Film Collection are made available for use in research, teaching and private study. Materials from this collection may not be used for any commercial purpose without prior permission from Duke University. All copyrights that exist in this material have not been transferred to Duke University. When use is made of these materials, it is the responsibility of the user to obtain additional permissions as necessary and to observe the stated access policy, the laws of copyright and the educational fair use guidelines.
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