MMA Search Tips

The search field allows you to search for words possibly found in an advertisement's headline, or in the names of a company, products, publications, etc. which would be included in the description of the advertisement in this database.  Once you have entered the word(s) you would like to search for, you are able to search across the entire collection for that term(s) or further limit your searching by choosing a facet from the menu on the lower left hand side. Any search will yield a list of available items, organizedby company, product, subject, and year which will allow you to narrow your results. 

Keyword Searchable fields:

  • Ad Number
  • Artist's Name
  • Company
  • Country of Publication
  • Date
  • Famous Names
  • Headline
  • Illustrator
  • Product
  • Publication Name
  • Radio Programs
  • Retail Store
  • Television Programs
  • Type of Publication
  • Testimonial
  • Target Audience

Pre-set Searches:

Pre-set searches that will help you to find ads containing specific types of illustration (including minorities, children, sports, etc.) or specialized advertising devices, such as coupons, that may be of particular interest.


Ethnic Groups:

Special Groups:

Illustration Type:

Advertising Devices:

You may narrow any of these searches by category, by clicking any of the categories displayed in the side facet bar.

Collection Categories

Searchable collection categories in MMA are:

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