Abraham's Daughter


H. DE MARSAN, Publisher, 54, Chatham Street, New-York.


How are you and all my friends?
I’ve just come from the wars, Sirs!
For, I’ve been at Bull-Run, you know,
And fought for the Stripes and Stars, Sirs.
It’s true enough we were repulsed,
But the Rebels’ loss was great, Sirs;
And if you don’t believe it’s true:
Why, read the Richmond papers!

You’ve heard of Mason and Slidell,
Those two Secession Traitors;
And of the rascals that were caught,
These two were the greatest.
The reason why we gave them up:
Because they’re not worth the keeping;
We only wanted to show John Bull
The Yankees were not sleeping.

Now, I think Captain Wilkes was right,
I tell you all the reason:
Trent was a British Ship, you know,
But loaded down with treason;
And when Bold Wilkes he went on board,
They tried to hide the Traitors;
But they couldn’t play that game, you know,
On our Yankee Navigators.

And then, there’s Commodore Dupont,
The Hero of Port-Royal:
He was the Commander of our fleet,
And an Officer brave and loyal;
For, he landed, on Secession soil,
Our brave American Tars, Sirs;
Then to Beaufort he did resort,
And planted the Stripes and Stars, Sirs!

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