American Liberty


CHARLES F. MAYER , Stationery, Song & Cigar Store, No. 212 Buttonwood Street, Philadelphia.

American Liberty.

Here is true Liberty,
May it ever prevail,
‘Tis as dear to the poor man,
As the air we inhale.

Our forefathers fought,
For Columbia to free,
And the birthright of the poor man,
Is Liberty.

Our forefathers fought
With their frost bitten feet;
They died on the field,
Before they’d retreat.
May the rising generation,
Fore’er respect the brave,
And protect the Star Spangled Banner,
That waves over Washington’s grave.

Our Father is dead,
He has gone to his tomb,
He has left many grey hairs
That will follow him soon.
In the great Revolution,
He was in full bloom,
But he is now at Mount Vernon,
In his silent tomb.

And there is brave Warren,
Who at Bunkerhill fell,
But few can come forward,
His virtues to excel,
For all his brave deeds,
We will cherish them now,
He was the boon companion
Of George Washington.

Here are our brave soldiers.
And the battles they have won,
Who have suffered privation,
In this great rebellion.
May they ever be respected,
By the honored and brave,
When this vile Secession
Shall slumber in its grave.

A. H. SENSEMAN, Card & Job [P ?] 416 Callowhill Street, Philada.

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