Hearken, friends and foes now hearken,
See Abe Lincoln’s prospects darken;
Though Abe tried the south to frighten,
See our prospects grandly brighten.

Abe swears for Richmond he’ll advance,
We swear to lead him a sweet dance,
Through wood and mire, and marsh and bog,
We’ll drive the untiring Yankee hog.

Before at Richmond he arrives,
There’ll be full many Hessian lives
Strewn all along his track,
Still will the Southrons not turn back.

Kill all their men, and then the night,
(Before the South shall lose one right,)
Of all her women he must meet,
For nobly they’ll each Hessian greet.

Give ear I charge ye now, give ear,
Quick east aside each craven fear,
For “Death for Freedom!” is the cry,
For which we’ll conquer or we’ll die.

Who’er may fall, his honoured name,
Shall fill for age the trump of Fame,
Then forward Freemen to the fight,
Strike home! you’ll find God’s for the right!

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