The Banner of the Sea


Auner’s Printing O ce, N. E. Cor. Eleventh and Market, Philadelphia.

The Banner Of The Sea.

Of all the flags that floataloft,
O’er Neptune’s gallanttars,
That wave on high, in victory,
Above the sons of Mars.
Give us the flag—Columbia’s flag,
The emblem of the free,
Whose flashing stars blazed thro’ our wars,
For Truth and Liberty.

Beneath its folds we fear no foe,
Our hearts shall never quail,
With bosoms bare the storm we’ll dare,
And brave the battle gale;
And though the cannon plough our decks,
The planks with gore run red,
Still through the fray our flag alway
Shall gleam far overhead.

On every wave, to every shore,
Columbia’s flag shall go,
And through all time its fame sublime,
With brighter hues shall glow;
For Freedom’s standard is our flag,
Its guardians, Freedom’s sons,
And woe betide the insultor’s pride,
When we unloose our guns.

Its enemies our own shall be,
Upon the land or main;
It starry light shall gild the fight,
And guide our iron rain:
Nor foreign power nor treason’s arts
Shall shake our patriot love,
While with out life, in peace or strife,
We’ll keep that flag above.

LEE & WALKER, MUSIC PUBLISHERS. No. 722 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.

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