The Battle at Charleston Harbor


HARRIS, Printer, Cor. Fourth and Vine Sts., Philada.

The Battle At Charleston Harbor

On the seventh day of April, in eighteen sixty-three,
The South Atlantic Squadron, with colors waving free,
New Ironsides, (the flag-ship,) with the Monitors in train,
In majesty advanced through the channel, up the main:
The Weehawken led the van; Passaic, Patapsco,
New Ironsides, Catskill, Nantucket and Kuk-Keo,
Nahant and Montauk—all in order now most fine,
Our Navy, iron-clad, steamed up for battle

Brave Admiral Dupont cried, My boys, now up-cheer,
With fortitude move on—direct for Sumter steer;
Our flag shall wave its stripes in front of Sumter’s walls,
The stars shall throw their light, ‘mid the storm of iron balls.
The Iron fleet advanced beyond the northeast face
Of Sumter’s belching cannon, while Moultrie she kept pace;
The fire of Cumming’s Point, the balls from Battery Bee,
Burst round our Iron-clads like a pelting storm at

The sheeted flames of fire, like the vivid lightning, flash
Across the battle-waters, while balls with iron clash;
Our Monitors in turn hurl their massy bolts of thunder,
Dislodging guns at Moultrie, and tore the walls of Sumter;
The South Atlantic squadron, full two hours in at

Three thousand shot were hurled, she nobly bore the shock;
But the bold and fearless Keokuk being struck with ninety balls,
She sank, with colors flying above her damaged

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