Battle of Bull Run


H. DE MARSAN, Publisher, of Songs, ballads, toy books, &c. No. 54 Chatham Street, N. Y.

Battle Of Bull-Run

Our gallant soldiers they are gone and left their friends to mourn,
To watch and pray, both night and day, their quick and safe re-
They are gone to face the enemy, and put Rebellion down; [turn.
May they return victoriously, and wear a Laurel Crown!

Our gallant soldiers they are gone to the Battle-field of fame,
To defend the glorious Stars and Stripes, and put to flight,
with shame,
Each proud Secession-Leader, with bayonet, sword and gun,
And make them pay severely for the Battle at Bull-Run!

When the gallant Colonel Corcoran lay prostrate on the ground,
Weary, and fatigued, and exausted from his wound,
He cried unto his gallant men: Brave Boys, I’m not undone,
We’ll make them pay some other day for the Battle of Bull-Run!

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