Battle of Bull's Run


Battle Of Bull’s Run.

The Sons of Old Ireland, led forth in their glory,
Their own native Banner, in the contest of war,
Their name will shine brighter in the fame written story,
With that grand constellation—THE AMERICAN STAR.

They raised that banner aloft, with its heaven born splendor,
It was true patriot’s hearts could true glory behold,
A glimpse at the faith of Jehovah would render,
Such light as redeemed the apostles of old.

It never was written on high, that the Sansom of nations,
By anarchy’s scorn, should grasp faintly in gloom,
That the death-scourage should crumble our country’s foundations,
And with glory and shame build Columbia’s tomb.

For the voice of that regiment, was Columbia’s Messiah,
Long hushed in the roar of dark anarchy’s sea;
They rose up in triumph a pillar of fire,
The God-kindled guide of the fearless and free.

Rome, when the kingdoms of earth were her dower,
And Greece, when her light had illumened the world,
Never wore such a halo of honor or power,
As gleams from that beautiful Banner unfurled.

And if that proud Banner, by traitor’s be riven,
For which our forefather’s so gallantly bled,
The trumpet of Judgement, should startle high heaven,
And call on Mount Vernon to waken her dead.

The heroes of Erin, when their strong hearts were wanting,
Like Hagerty bled on the field of the brave,
Bold Meagher the exile, that death never daunted,
Brought safe back that Banner,—the gallant Zouave.

Long may their names sound in history pages,
That fell in the contest, that day at Bull’s Run,
Bold Coreoran their colonel from ages to ages,
Shall still be remembered as Ireland’s Son.

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