Battle of Leesburgh


Battle Of Leesburgh.

Says Greely to Scott, to Richmond, why not,
These Southern’s are only in fun,
Your soldiers and donkeys are every one spunky,
And before them Virginians, will run.

Old Hop had his orders and sends to their borders,
McDowell to commence with the fun,
Their battery’s are masked yet ’tis a light task,
To capture them all at Bull Run.

On this fully bent, to McDowell he lent,
His well tried sword and big gun,
And charg’d him prepare, be sure you take care
Of the battery that’s mask’d at Bull Run.

So McDowell press’d hard, to catch Beauregard,
Before the uprising of sun,
But Beauregard watch’d, and McDowell he cotch’d,
Before he came up to Bull Run.

A few shots was sent, by the rebels intent,
On breaking up this Yankee fun;
They thought this no joke a fat Lieutenant broke
Not stopping to drink at Bull Run.

His men were in alarm and thought it no harm,
To follow this brave Yankee son,
The “teamsters took fright,” and bid them good night
And left far behind them Bull Run.

The Congress was there and thought they would
The honor’s of battle when won,
But the running was tall by Congressmen all,
As they scampered away from Bull Run.

The officers frightened their reins they tighten’d,
When the races had fairly begun,
The road it was crowded, dead bodies enshrouded,
Lay thick on the road from Bull Run.

They now make a halt, to learn whose in fault,
This question the Congress must con,
For brave Uncle A be now feels very shabby,
To see this defeat at Bull Run.

Now all this seems strange, the name we must change,
The Bull we will leave for Scott’s gun,
And if you will listen, just while I christen,
Henceforth it is called Yankee Run!

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