The Battle of the Wilderness


The Battle of the Wilderness.

1. Now boys just listen while I sing to you a song sirs,
About our glorious Veteran troops and how they move along sirs,
Of our Keystone Boys and how they fought and how the rebels run sirs
And left their sick and wounded back and stores for Uncle Sam sirs.

2. When the battle first commenced, they stood up to a man sirs;
But when they saw the Yankees come led on by General Grant sirs,
They thought it time to make a dash and come up in a mass, sirs:
But the Yankees sent them howling back, they fell like withered grass sirs.

3. Oh there’s General Beauregard, Jeff. Davis, Bragg and Lee sirs,
They thought to bag our Union Boys and trap brave General Meade sirs;
But Uncle Abe he had a man, he brought from Tennessee sirs,
That whipped them several times before and set their darkies free sirs.

4. Old New York and Jersey too is moving in the train sirs,
Likewise the boys from old Vermont and noble state of Maine sirs;
They will meet them in their Capital and free our sick and lame sirs
And then return to their homes and peace they will proclaim sirs.

5. Ohio boys and Hoosiers too have many pressing claimes sirs,
And Massachusetts too can boast of men both true and brave sirs,
There’s Michigan and Illinois who sent us Honest Abe sirs
And lots of men to back him up and help our Union save sirs.

6. They met them in the Wilderness, just at the break of day sirs,
And fought them [o ?] the right and left, till Lee he ran away sirs,
And left some thousands on the field, he could not get away sirs;
But our Union boys they dressed their wounds, their dead they put away sirs.

7. At Spottsylvania Court House the Rebels they marched away sirs,
But Hancock with his second corps just happened around that way sirs;
His boys they were still full of fight and thought they’d make a day sirs,
They thrashed the Reb’s and captured lots and brought off forty guns sirs.

8. We mourn the loss of Sedgwick, commander of the corps sirs,
The gallant Sixth, who fought so well, through all this bloody war sirs,
He fell while nobly cheering on the boys of his command sirs.
And his name will be remembered long by every loyal man sirs.

9. They captured Stuart on that day and brought him in to Grant sirs,
He would not take our Yankee grub and could not stand our Meade sirs;
They shipped him to Fort Delaware, where he must long remain sirs,
Until the stars and stripes shall float from Florida to Maine sirs.

10. Now here success to our Volunteers, to Gen. Grant and Meade sirs,
To Hancock, Warren and Burnside we give three hearty cheers sirs,
With fighting Butler in the rear and Gun Boats on the James sirs,
We’ll thrash the southern traitors before we close the year sirs.

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