Be True to Our Flag


Be True To Our Flag

Our beautiful flag, Oh! now we see
From every spot and blemish free;
The flag of our Union, bright and fair,
That waves in triumph everywhere.

Oh! beautiful flag, so pure and bright,
Thy radiant stars are life and light.
Emblem of power, our guide alway,
Thy stars shall never fade away.

We see thy Stripes and Eagle bold,
And love thee more as we behold
Forever wave on land, and sea,
The Union flag of the brave and free.

Our army conquers in their might;
For the Union cause is just and right.
Our WASHINGTON’S flag in triumph waves,
Borne onward by McClellan’s braves.

New Orleans and Charleston too
Must bow to our red, white and blue.
O’er all the cities and forts once more
The stars and stripes we will restore.

This beautiful flag we soon shall see
O’er Richmond and Sumpter waving free.
Beneath its folds discord will cease,
And North and South rejoice in peace.

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